Who am I?

My name is Kristian. I’m from 1986, born in Skive, but today I’m living in Viborg with my wife, Michelle, and our two kids, Aurora & Elliot, in our house we bought in July 2019.

Since I was a little boy, technology has been a huge part of me – it’s my passion. I simply love coding something or use technology to solve a problem. I have a background as a developer, and have worked with development for more than 20 years in various programming languages.

I work at TRIMIT DK (Viborg, Denmark) as Head of Support & Consultancy, West, where I get to use my knowledge about technology, but also use my curiosity to learn much more around leadership, Business Central, Azure and development in general.

The last couple of years my passion has evolved around Smart Home, especially making our home much smarter than it already was when we moved in. It’s been a huge project, but filled with a lot of fun and wife-approved solutions (… and the last part is very important!).

I hope my blog is useful for somebody. It’s only created to share knowledge, so use what you can, and skip the stuff that’s not relevant.