Securing your Home Assistant with automatic backups to the cloud

I’ve invested tons of hours in our Home Assistant installation, so it would be a disaster to loose all the work if something goes wrong.

Home Assistant has backup functionality build in. It can take full backups and snapshots, but it stores the backup files on the local machine running Home Assistant. This is a problem if you don’t manually download the backup files to an external device or store them in the cloud.

I’m the kind of type that doesn’t remember to do the manual stuff periodically, so I wanted a solution that made a full backup of my entire Home Assistant, and uploaded it to one of my cloud storage accounts. This way I’m always able to restore our Home Assistant on another device, if the current one breaks down.

I found a solution called “Home Assistant Google Drive Backup” made by Stephen Beechen. It uses Home Assistants backup functionality and integrates with Google Drive for cloud storage. Searching for a solution, this one is highly recommended by the Home Assistant community, so I chose to use it too.

The setup is quite easy. I just followed the installation instructions on GitHub for the add-in. I’m not going to come up with the installation instructions myself, since these could change at a later point for the add-in. But following the instructions was very easy and clean. The installation and setup took around 5 minutes, and right after I could see my backup files being uploaded to my Google Drive.

In my case I have setup a daily full backup of Home Assistant. I do change our Home Assistant a lot, so this makes sure that I only miss out on 1 day of work in case of a breakdown.

Stay safe! šŸ˜‰

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