Run Synology DSM as a VM on VMWare ESXi with your own hardware

Only use this for test purpose. If you really like Synology DSM and want to use it private or for business you should buy a Synology NAS and pay for the hardware and software.

My reasons to test the Synology DSM 7.x on my own hardware was because of the new Synology Photos. For a long time I have been searching for a good photo library management software. I wanted to try it out before using a lot of money on a new Synology NAS. I already have two. My very first Synology DS207 (not running, just kept for nostalgia), and my DS1511+ used for storage. Both too old to run DSM 7.x.

This post is about how to get Synology DSM 7.x running on your own hardware and as a virtual machine on VMWare ESXi. It’s not a step by step guide, but a reference to other pages and forums on how to do this.

I installed mine as a VM on my server running VMWare ESXi. Quite easy when you already have the hardware running, and easy to cleanup afterwards.

I used the following pages / forums to find my way of installing Synology DSM 7.x:

All in all it took be around 20 minutes to get it up and running. After that my Synology Photos test could start.

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